ARTICLE: Ten Back to School Security Tips for Administrators

With the start of school around the corner, many IT administrators have to prep their environments for the hordes of students that will insist on downloading the entirety of Internet. Interestingly enough, our employees sometimes feel that they should do the same. While they may not necessarily be visiting unsavory sites, they are likely to […]

ARTICLE: CSI Survey 2007: Lay of the Land

Well, after waiting and waiting for it, the CSI Survey for 2007 was finally released. And after 12 years, it still fills an important role in determining that state of IT security today.<br /> <br /> The first and most obvious change this year was the FBI's absence in the title. This doesn't indicate a […]

ARTICLE: Rugged Security: MESHnet Firewall

When we talk about security here, we generally refer to corporate security and how to best implement it to protect a business. For 95 percent of companies, the standard advice applies.<br /> <br /> But how do you deal with over 2,000 mobile users that don¬ít have desks, drive in armored vehicles and have to […]