Oh look: I can post from anywhere. Whee.

I have to say it’s interesting writing a post
from my Blackberry to add to my blog. Particularly since the subway ride from Queens to Wall Street can take about 45 minutes and the majority of the ride is above ground.

It does highlight how having this is both a useful tool as well as a bane. And does make me wonder how much extra info we’re publishing, given the ease in which it now takes to be published? At one time public transit was a way to meet up with colleagues and talk about the game or kids from the night before. Today, in a car of over 200 people it is silent, save for the silent murmur of iPod-isk music and the occassional bleat from the conductor announcing the next stop.

Even though this has no security risk or sensitive infomation I keep my Blackberry close to my chest, to avoid the possibility of wandering eyes. My, how we’ve changed. What is yet to be determined is if this change is helping or hindering. What do you think the answer is?