ARTICLE: Ten Back to School Security Tips for Administrators

With the start of school around the corner, many IT administrators have to prep their environments for the hordes of students that will insist on downloading the entirety of Internet. Interestingly enough, our employees sometimes feel that they should do the same. While they may not necessarily be visiting unsavory sites, they are likely to […]


So on a whim I decided to swallow my pride and try a donations button. I’m hoping that perhaps this might raise a bit of money to either pay off debt or fund top surgery. I figured even if it was a little, it’d be a little more than I had before. In some ways […]

Saying goodbye to Mittens

I can’t believe I’m doing this but today I’m booking an appointment to say goodbye to my namesake, Mittens (the appointment is this Tuesday). After 15 years of life, she developed cancer of the mouth. It’s gotten so bad recently that she’s not eating, not grooming and blood is coming out of her mouth. This […]

More updating

Well, I have finally moved to the US. It is a challenging process, particularly given the current climate of things and in some ways understandable. But at the same time I wonder if the over-indulgence of security by the US is more detrimental than helpful. Because of the extreme strictness that the US CIS agents […]