Lemme Tell Ya: Thoughts on the Internet

Ok. So I’m avoiding doing some work. 😛 But I figured I’d put a little more of an update in here. I’m rather impressed with all the flexibility of WordPress thus far. I still find the themes rather limiting (enough to make me want to re-learn CSS and actually create my own — scary, eh?). But as I was mucking about both my blogs today I realized how much things have changed over the last 10-15 years when it comes to how the internet is used.

At one time, during the initial growth spurt of the internet (I’ll put that around 1994) it was about transference of ideas and information. Really, that was what this was all about: sharing ideas, causing conversation and finding solutions to the niggly little problems that we faced (particularly those of us in IT admin roles that managed unique server types). It was simple and plain. No advertising. No flash. Just substance.

Today we see something far different. It is all about flash and bang, and very little substance (unless you dig — if you dig well enough, you’ll find your individual holy grails of info). We’ve actually seen a degradation of trust of information as a result. Find me a news outlet that actually is reliable and doesn’t slant a story (good luck on that). Find me a forum that actually has discussions that are discussions about topics and not the people therein.

I’m still deciding whether this has resulted in a better or worse environment and haven’t come to a conclusion yet. I suppose there is some good stuff here but it’s being overshadowed by everything else. And that’s no fun, lemme tell ya.